OBAMA: Arbiter of Peace

Gosh, now Obama is getting a Nobel Peace Prize. His role keeps getting more interesting by the minute. First, pedaling the Olympics, now this. Well, admittedly, he knew nothing about this pending honor.  I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, but I can tell you this, based on what I do for a living, too much too early is not good for anyone, especially the President of the United States. I'll just bet he knows that...

I remember when Bush was doing his thing, all I could think was WAKE UP and smell the coffee! Your image SUCKS! I wondered, “Wasn't there SOMEONE in Washington that could tell him the truth?” For instance, instead of flying OVER New Orleans just after Katrina, STOP in for a visit. Honestly, most of the big mistakes this man made were manmade. All he had to do was handle some things differently and his overall image wouldn't have been half as bad as it was. The guy put more money toward Africa than any other president and yet you would never ever know it. BAD PR. Who the heck was helping him?

And now this. Mr. President, I know you had nothing to do with it, but really be careful here. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Keep it real.

Source: carolyneweldon.com

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