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So InStyle Magazine is opting for a 3-D approach to make the magazine more, hmmm... I don’t know, more accessible? More high touch, more “out of this world?” There is a lot of research right now that suggests that showing clothing in video can really help sell fashion. Maybe they are going the 3-D route to make what they’re doing even more real... 

Anyway, I remember when the magazine launched. It was a wonder in the industry because it could SELL your clothes. It not only showcased fashion in a great, “easy to connect with“ way it featured CELEBRITIES! And we know how INFATUATED America is (and the world, for that matter) with FAMOUS PEOPLE. It just did it right. There was even talk in the industry that the magazine wasn’t a consumer pub, it was a TRADE pub because it could SELL clothes. If your brand was included in its editorial pages you were sure to sell. Just like being one of Oprah’s very favorite things.

So, 3-D. Hey look, publishing is in a bit of a pickle, and it remains to be seen who is going to make it. Historically, some of the biggest, brightest brands have gone away because there was a sea change. It happens, it’s part of life. InStyle, I’m voting “yes” for your future! I think you’ve got what it takes to make it, 3-D or no 3-D. LOL!

BAD BEHAVIOR: Does It Ever Go Right?

Running a business comes with a load of stress. You're dealing with HR issues, cash flow, new business outreach, keeping current clients happy, long term planning (oops, we're outgrowing our space), etc. That kind of stress is bound to produce some "bad behavior" every now and then, aka, “What the heck is going on here!" Raised voices? Yep, that could be me. But one thing I have learned is it's never really a good thing to raise the roof. It just proves you can't take the pressure, and most of the time (though your case may be justified) the person in your sites is trying as hard as they can. That's most of the time, but not ALL of the time...

So, when I heard about what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift I had empathy - yes, I've lost my head before (but not on national TV, praise goodness). I also thought, gosh, what a bad move. Not only for Kanye (he finally went too far) but also for Taylor who didn't deserve to have her moment spoiled that way. Apparently, he called her and apologized. And apparently he had a "good" reason for his behavior, his mom's death. But all in all a sad moment, one that he may always regret, somewhere deep down inside. Don't worry Kanye, America likes to forgive those that mess up, it's our way. And Taylor, you did win, after all.

But there was a winner here, and his name is Jay Leno. Good night for ratings. So, does bad behavior ever go right? For Jay it did. And once in a while when I do flip out on someone who really isn't doing their job and they get back in line, I find the tough approach does help. It's unfortunate, but true. "Hey you, what's going on over there!"

Source: mirror.co.uk

Untitled 11:11 Moves to the Head of the Class!

The team here at BBC often finds itself in the position of a proud momma when our clients score an amazing hit. Thus, it was when Untitled 11:11’s striped bustier Rita gown custom woven in an eco-friendly khadi material showed up on the cover of the UK’s Bliss magazine. Even more fantastic was the fact that young woman of substance and talent, Taylor Swift, not only modeled the gown on the cover but also specially chose it. It’s a big accomplishment for two talented designers holed up in a small studio in Brooklyn making clothes for the love of what they do. Think of it as bringing home an A+ on an AP calculus exam when you’re only a freshman in high school.  We say, “Bravo, Untitled 11:11! You can stay out past curfew this weekend!”

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